'30 Rock' Goes Live — Again!

If I had to pick fictional television characters to represent 2000s-era humans for a future generation, 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon would be my No. 1. Tina Fey’s character, while over the top, really represents the average snack food-loving workaholic.

If I had to pick fictional television characters to represent 2000s-era humans for a future generation, 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon would be my No. 1. Tina Fey’s character, while over the top, really represents the average snack food-loving workaholic who, despite being pretty well-connected, would sometimes rather spend a Saturday night with a wine spritzer and Food Network than at a hip bar. She’s intelligent and would probably be healthy and well-balanced if everyone didn’t seem to constantly get in her way. There’s a little Lemon in all of us, and she’s “lizzing” in anticipation of Thursday’s live broadcast of 30 Rock (8:30 p.m., NBC).

Based on her time as a writer for Saturday Night Live, Fey created this hilarious portrayal of the behind-the-scenes happenings of live television. In 2010, she and the crew gave us a meta-30 Rock experience by producing a live broadcast of a show about a live broadcast. The episode was a hit, with tons of guest stars (Julia Louis-Dreyfus portrayed Liz in scenes where it would be impossible for Fey to be in two places at once), breaking of character and plenty of this-really-is-live moments. On Thursday, they’re doing it again.

In this live episode, Kabletown announces it can no longer afford to make TGS a live show. Liz and Jack accept the terms, predicting a taped show will result in less budget issues and overall workplace drama. Kenneth, the only person opposed to the change, takes the crew on a “magical mystery tour” to make them appreciate the storied history of the studio. 

I want to go to there.


South Park (10 p.m., Comedy Central) – There’s a new girl in school and everyone soon becomes enthralled by her relationship status — especially Cartman.


The Office (9 p.m., NBC) – Freshly unemployed, Andy attends a fundraiser for the senator (Jack Coleman) and accidentally adopts a dozen disabled dogs.

Parks and Recreation (9:30 p.m., NBC) – In an episode directed and written by leading lady Amy Poehler, Leslie takes on her opponent Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) in a televised debate.


Magic City (10 p.m., Starz) – Vera tries to get Jackie Kennedy to appear at the Miramar for a charity benefit; Victor tries to get his wife out of Castro-controlled Cuba.


Game of Thrones (9 p.m., HBO) – The Night’s Watch reunite beyond the wall at the Fist of the First Men; Tyrion finds insufficient defense at King’s Landing but discovers a secret weapon; recuperated from her time in the desert, Daenerys sets her sights on taking the Iron Throne.

Nurse Jackie (9 p.m., Showtime) – When Grace finds out that her mom was in rehab, not on vacation, Jackie must prevent her from telling anyone else. Back at the hospital, Jackie’s docked check shows she’ll need to pay for her mistakes — literally.

Mad Men (10 p.m., AMC) – Don, Sterling and Pete come together to gain new accounts. Will Sterling’s trip end up affecting his work as well as his relationships?

Veep (10 p.m., HBO) – A trip to a frozen yogurt shop (a photo-op with “normal people”) gets interrupted by a quickly spreading stomach bug. Meanwhile, a Washington Post reporter (Brian Huskey) tries to get Dan to leak White House secrets.

Girls (10:30 p.m., HBO) – Hannah gets some unsettling results from the clinic that lead her to track down her college boyfriend. Jessa (somehow) lands a babysitting gig and Marnie falls for an artist at the gallery.


How I Met Your Mother (8 p.m., CBS) – Realizing fatherhood is quickly approaching, Marshall freaks out during his and Lily’s baby shower. Barney takes the dad-to-be on a roadtrip.

The Pitch (9 p.m., AMC) – Rival ad agencies compete for a new client based on which company has the best campaign pitch. While it’s nowhere as glamorous as Mad Men, it’s an interesting look into modern-day advertisers. This week, SK+G and The Ad Store compete to work with environmental solutions corporation, Waste Management.


Glee (8 p.m., Fox) – Kurt and Rachel audition for the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Whoopi Goldberg and Atlanta Real Housewife Nene Leakes guest star.

New Girl (9 p.m., Fox) – Nick and Jess both run into their exes. Schmidt deals with a sensitive medical issue and is introduced to Cece’s grandma. Winston has a regrettably crazy night on the town with his boss.


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