A 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Wizard's Christmas Experience is Coming to the Louisville Zoo

Slip on your robes, grab your wands and make like a snitch for this fantastical event at the Louisville Zoo.

Jan 3, 2020 at 1:14 pm
click to enlarge The Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios - Unsplash/Christian Wagner
Unsplash/Christian Wagner
The Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios

Muggle Christmas may be over, but "A Wizard's Christmas" at the Louisville Zoo has yet to come. 

Step into a world of magic as the zoo transforms itself into a fantastical land inspired by the likes of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Percy Jackson. Cincinnatians, you may be tempted to cozy up with some hot tea in your hobbit hole all Winter, but this attraction is a just-under-two hour drive away. Adventure awaits. 

The event kicks off Jan. 24 with dates through Feb. 16. Dubbed the "Alabaster School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," it's meant to be the American counterpart to London's Hogwarts. So slip on your robes, grab your wands and make like Hedwig. 

One of the most memorable settings in the Harry Potter universe is undoubtedly the Holiday setup in Hogwart's Great Hall — frost-covered evergreens, mistletoe and holly hung with care, flickering candlelight and a mouthwatering feast. So it makes sense that the grub is a big selling point of this wizard extravaganza. A three-course meal is included in the ticket price, along with water and tea. For those 21 and over, sips at the Elixir bar cost extra. (Kids drinks, other than the aforementioned water/tea, are also extra.) 

Budding wizardfolk can also meet with student house leaders and teachers, stroll through the Forbidden Forest passageway into the magic school and be mystified by magical teacher performances complete with spells, duels and a fight against the dark forces. (Hopefully, dementors don't show up to crash the party.) 

Pretend like you're enrolled in Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid via creature interactions. And, in the vein of Diagon Alley, another section of the zoo boasts spellbinding shops and boutiques.

"Every piece has been customed designed to truly bring the Wizarding World to life in Kentucky," the event's description reads.

Tickets start at $29.99 for the "Wizard's Christmas" experience and are on sale now at Louisvillezoo.org/wizards. For those old enough to partake, on Jan. 30 there will also be a "Brewfest Experience." Tickets range from $19.99-$127 (plus fees). Enjoy the wizarding world while sipping a range of elixirs — from beer to bourbon and more.