A Pop-Up Bar Made with One Million LEGO-Style Bricks Is Coming to the American Sign Museum in November

The traveling Brick Bar pop-up will feature cocktails, DJs and ping pong

Oct 15, 2019 at 4:28 pm
Brick Bar London - Photo: Provided by Brick Bar
Photo: Provided by Brick Bar
Brick Bar London

Yes, when we originally wrote about the Brick Bar pop-up in March — and when it was slated to appear in Cincinnati in July and then was reschedule for "Nov. 8 and 9" — did we really think the bar made with more than 1 million LEGO-style bricks was going to appear in the Queen City? 

No. We did not. But it seems like Brick Bar actually is coming and it's popping up at the American Sign Museum on Nov. 8 and 9 (probably the most ideal place for this type of whimsical event). Tickets cost $15-$25 and you have to reserve a slot in advance.

Brick Bar London (featuring a fountain, right?) - Photo: Provided by Brick Bar
Photo: Provided by Brick Bar
Brick Bar London (featuring a fountain, right?)

Obviously, this will probably sell out. 

The traveling bar has made its way from Australia to London and now to America. It claims to be constructed from those numerous LEGOs and features LEGO-made sculptures and fountains, DJs, an adult ball pit, LEGO ping-pong, and a bevy of the building bricks for anyone to use; prizes will be awarded to those who make particularly impressive structures.

Brick Bar is not actually affiliated with the LEGO brand and had to change its original name, “Legobar,” after legal action was threatened for copyright infringement in 2018. (We're using LEGO here like people use the term "Kleenex" to mean any kind of facial tissue.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pop-up bar without booze, and Brick Bar offers cocktails and beer in fun oversized containers shaped like LEGO blocks. 

Tickets for the Cincinnati event are available now and allow you to spend 90 minutes in Brick Bar (tickets are only sold for 90-minute increments and this is the only way you can get into Brick Bar). Food and drink are sold separately.

You must be 21 and older to enter. Learn more on their website and follow them on instagram for more images.

The American Sign Museum is located at 1330 Monmouth Ave., Camp Washington.