Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider stop at the Taft Theatre in April

If you like buddy comedies, stand-up and miss early-'90s SNL, mark your calendar

If you like buddy comedies, stand-up and miss early-'90s SNL, mark your calendar for April 21. Adam Sandler and BFF Rob Schneider are coming to the Taft Theatre for an evening of comedy.

If you don't know who Sandler is — or Schneider — there's a chance you didn't watch TV or movies from like 1995 until now. After stints on Saturday Night Live, both men (frequently together) went on to make irritatingly quotable movies like Sandler's Billy Madison ("Stop looking at me, swan")Happy Gilmore ("You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?"), The Waterboy ("Now that's what I call high-quality H20"), Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, That's My Boy (please watch this if you haven't), Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo ("That's a huge bitch") — I could literally do this all day. 

Sandler has recently been making movies for Netflix — like the bizarrely watchable The Do-Over, with David Spade — and some more indie fare, including The Meyerowitz Stories from director Noah Baumbach. IMDB doesn't have anything super current going on for Schneider, other than a 2018 appearance on Lip Sync Battle Preshow.

One can assume Schneider will not be doing any lip syncing during the Taft appearance, but who knows: The press release just says it is for a "special evening of entertainment." But the promo photo shows Sandler with a guitar... so it may be an evening of comedy and music? (If so, you can probably bet on a performance of "The Hanukkah Song.") Whatever the evening holds, it should be highly entertaining. There's a reason these guys have been household names for decades and influenced frat boys and out-of-touch adult males to shout, "Want to touch the hiney" at various women for just as long.

Tickets go on sale 11 a.m. Friday, March 2. Reserved tickets run $59.50-$250. Get more info at

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