Airbnb Bans Parties At All Listings in Ohio and the Rest of the World

The rental agency has announced a "global ban on all parties and events" and is maxing out occupancy at all Airbnb listings at 16

Aug 20, 2020 at 1:01 pm
click to enlarge No more parties, bros - Photo: Jacob Bentzinger
Photo: Jacob Bentzinger
No more parties, bros

If you were renting other people's houses and apartments via Airbnb to throw parties, well, that party is over.

The international online lodging marketplace is instituting a ban on all parties and events at Airbnb listings — across the globe — and is capping max occupancy for all rentals at 16. According to a release from the company, the rule goes into effect tomorrow and applies to "all future bookings on Airbnb and it will apply indefinitely until further notice."

"We previously announced an update to our community policies requiring that hosts and guests abide by COVID-19 local public health mandates — including on gatherings — and shared out how that impacted Ohio. Today’s party ban goes beyond that and codifies a stricter, more consistent restriction across the board," says the release.

Here's how Airbnb says the ban will function:

  • Parties are now prohibited on all future bookings
  • Occupancy at Airbnb listings will be capped at 16 people. This is primarily relevant to larger homes that we previously allowed to list as able to accommodate 16+ people. 
  • We are currently scoping a potential exception process for specialty and traditional hospitality venues (i.e. boutique hotels)
  • Guests will be informed about Airbnb’s party rules and informed that they may be legally pursued by Airbnb if they violate our policy. This work is currently being operationalized and will be rolled out in the near future.

If you violate the rules and plan to party on, Airbnb may excommunicate you from its services or even seek legal action.

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