Art Community Raises Funds for Local 101-Year-Old Illustrator Anne Wainscott, Who Lost Condo in Fire

Anne Wainscott lost her condo located in Covington, Ky. to a fire last month. To raise funds to rebuild her home, an arts auction event is being held.

Nov 5, 2018 at 5:35 pm

click to enlarge Anne Wainscott and her caretaker, Michelle Holley - Photo: Melissa Doss Photography // Provided by Megyn Norbut
Photo: Melissa Doss Photography // Provided by Megyn Norbut
Anne Wainscott and her caretaker, Michelle Holley

Last month 101-year old Anne Wainscott left her condo located on Riverside Drive in Covington, Ky.; 15 minutes later a man — Anthony Taylor of Erlanger, Ky. — allegedly set fire to it, as initially reported by Local12. A revered local artist, Wainscott lost both her condo and much of her art in the fire. Now, a fundraising event and auction will be held to celebrate Wainscott and to kick off a campaign to rebuild the locally-renowned illustrator's condo.

Wainscott was born to immigrant parents and raised largely in Cincinnati, where she remained throughout her life and work. Her love of fashion merged with illustration and, for most of her career, she made fashion illustrations for Cincinnati’s first department store, Shillito’s. To commemorate her 100th spring, last year an animated display of her illustration work was featured on the old storefront.

click to enlarge Anne Wainscott's condo before and after. - Provided
Anne Wainscott's condo before and after.

The fundraising evening will be held 6-9 p.m. Nov. 15 at Hotel Covington with lights bites and complimentary wine; $2 from any drink purchase at the hotel bar will go toward recovering Wainscott’s home.

As for the auction part of the event, the art show will include original work by fellow Cincinnati artists, who were asked to illustrate the story of Wainscott and Michelle Holley — her best friend and caregiver. Participating artists include: Jimmy Baker, Sarah Bellamy, Keith Benjamin, Denise Burge, Matthew Dayler, Emily Everheart, Marcus Fletcher, Matt Hart, Terence Hammonds, Jolie Harris, Matt Hart, Jaclin Hastings, Pam Kravetz, Emily Momohara, Hannah Peacock, Caroline Pyle, Katie St. Clair, Donna Talerico, Mark Thomas, Richard Westendorf, Loraine Wible and Paige Williams. All money raised from the auction will go toward helping Wainscott get back home.

“Anne Wainscott lost everything she owned and all of her artwork save one solitary piece titled 'Green Eyes,' in the fire” reads a release. “The beloved Cincinnati artist is 101 years old. The duo is currently living in Cincinnati’s historic West End awaiting the time Anne can return to her beloved home.”

The event is being produced by local event planner No Standing Only Dancing and the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the latter of which is celebrating its 150th anniversary as an institution; Wainscott is their oldest living alumni and will receive an honorary degree from the school.

In addition, three framed reprints of Anne’s original work — which were lost in the fire — will be presented as a gift to Wainscott, a poem will be read by Matt Hart and an online campaign to raise funds will be launch, dubbed Riverside Revival.

For more information, visit the Facebook event page here. To donate, visit Riverside Revival.