As Schumer Skyrockets, ‘Inside’ Evolves

Land a Comedy Central series, and you’re bound to be flung into the public eye, even if you’re already an accomplished standup comic. Of course, that’s exactly what happened to Amy Schumer.

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click to enlarge Amy Schumer in “Welcome to the Gun Show”
Amy Schumer in “Welcome to the Gun Show”

Land a Comedy Central series, and you’re bound to be flung into the public eye, even if you’re already an accomplished standup comic. Of course, that’s exactly what happened to Amy Schumer, who in the last few years has catapulted from a promising comedian to a summer blockbuster star and multi-hyphenate wunderkind.

So how has this fame and hyper-attention, for better or worse, affected her wildly popular show Inside Amy Schumer (10 p.m. Thursdays, Comedy Central)?

One element missing is her on-the-street interviews. Homegirl’s too famous for that shit. Seriously: Who would keep calm and cooperate if Amy Schumer walked up asking about embarrassing sexperiences? Instead, she supplements the sketches and live stand-up bits with one-on-one interviews, which are generally just as entertaining.

But with the constant media attention Schumer has garnered lately — her name in a headline is basically click-bait — I wonder if she feels forced into making grand statements on the show. While she’s never shied away from the most controversial issues, last week’s episode — dedicated almost entirely to the topic of gun control — while funny and definitely poignant, felt borderline preachy.

This week, Schumer talks about her “brave” photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz, plus winning Oscars, learning to get what you want and eating pasta out of the trash.


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