Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son (Review)

Martin Lawrence's latest cross-dressing comedy is a drag

It looks like another drag when Martin Lawrence returns as an undercover agent with a penchant for donning a wig and a fat suit in order to catch his man. This time, the FBI agent must protect his stepson (Brandon T. Jackson) who witnessed a murder and has to slip into a cross-dressing disguise of his own. This mindless story makes Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop 3 seem as complex and compelling as an installment in the Bourne franchise, which is infinitely funnier than anything going on here as well — except for the music video that accompanies the end credits. At the very least, this sequence hints at the humor and good clean fun that was likely intended when this project was given a green light.

For Like Father, Like Son, the pair search for a flash drive with enough evidence to nail an anonymous Eastern European baddie and his henchmen, but they descend upon a all-girls arts prep school that looks like a soft-core version of Fame (the filmmakers obviously realize this as well and step back from some of the creepier aspects of this notion). Unfortunately, the movie feels like the passing down of a tired fetish that was never all that titillating in the first place. Grade: F

Opens Feb. 18. Check out theaters and show times, see the trailer and get theater details here.
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