Catch a Glimpse of the Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

The annual meteor shower will move past the area overnight on Aug. 12-13

Aug 12, 2019 at 10:37 am
click to enlarge Meteor shower - Photo by Neale LaSalle from Pexels
Photo by Neale LaSalle from Pexels
Meteor shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower will be making its way through the area overnight Aug. 12-13. The annual shower is the result of the earth passing through debris from the Comet Swift-Tuttle. 

This year, the meteor shower will be on the lighter side, with roughly 10-15 Perseids per hour, according to an article by This is due to the moon being in nearly a full moon phase which will hinder spectators ability to see smaller meteors. 

"Unfortunately, the moon will be very close to full on the night of the peak, which will wash out the fainter Perseids," NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told "The Perseids are rich in fireballs, so you'll still see Perseids; you just won't see the show you've seen on nights when the moon has not been around."

If you plan to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower, you'll need to head to an area void of light that offers a full view of the sky. Beginning at 10 p.m., the amount of visible Perseids will increase throughout the evening. 

"Earlier in the night there will be fewer meteors, but the ones that appear will have longer tails as they graze along more of the atmosphere. Those in southern latitudes can look toward the northeast to see more meteors," the article explains. 

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