Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills Named One of Insider's Most 'Beautiful Places You Didn't Know Existed'

The Hocking Hills State Park waterfall was listed in a round-up of 20 beautiful lesser-known destinations in the United States

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click to enlarge Cedar Falls - Photo: Mark Moschell via Flickr
Photo: Mark Moschell via Flickr
Cedar Falls

Online publication Insider recently put together a round-up highlighting beautiful lesser-known destinations in the U.S. The list recognizes 20 beautiful locations ranging from the Pelindaba Lavender Farm in San Juan County, Washington to Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona, Arizona with photographs showing off their beauty.

And an Ohio landmark happened to land a spot on the list.

Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills State Park is a popular spot for hiking and nature enthusiasts, boasting a stunning waterfall along the trail.

"The trail itself is only a half-mile long and perfect for kids of all ages," Insider writes. "It ends with a whimsical waterfall plunging over moss-covered rocks and surrounded by huge trees. Because the trail is so short, it's a great spot to have a picnic or spend an afternoon relaxing." 

Hocking Hills State Park is located about an hour from Ohio University's campus and offers nine hiking trails that range in levels from easy to difficult.

Here are some fun facts about Cedar Falls from Hocking Hills' website:

Cedar Falls itself is the greatest waterfall in terms of volume in the Hocking region. Queer Creek tumbles over the face of the Blackhand sandstone displaying the awesome force of water power.

In the mid 1800s, a grist mill was built above the falls to utilize this water power for grinding grain.

Cedar Falls was misnamed by early white settlers who mistook the stately hemlocks for Cedars. A well kept picnic area and restrooms are located in the parking area above the falls.

Visit hockinghills.com/cedar_falls.html to learn more about Cedar Falls and how to get there — there's a hiking map on that link. And once you get there, you could take a photo for your Instagram, like Insider suggests. Or not.

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