Cheba Hut and Others to Host Cannabis-Themed Block Party on Short Vine

Local businesses are hosting a celebration of the plant on April 20.

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click to enlarge Cheba Hut and Others to Host Cannabis-Themed Block Party on Short Vine
Photo: Jeff W., Unsplash

Cheba Hut, The Cupboard, PotHead Genius and more 4/20-friendly Cincinnati businesses will be celebrating the April 20 holiday with a block party on Short Vine in Corryville.

The party goes from 2-9 p.m. and you can expect deals on sandwiches, live music, a slew of vendors selling art, clothing and “tobacco accessories," a joint rolling competition, a Kool-Aid chugging competition (don’t worry, this isn’t Jonestown) and a 4/20 flash tattoo sale thanks to Beelistic Tattoo & Piercing.

Allison Hamilton, franchise co-owner of the marijuana-themed sandwich shop, Cheba Hut, in Corryville, wants this party to promote the positive aspects of pot culture and to dispel some of the negative stereotypes associated with cannabis consumption.

“When you get people around, smoking, very rarely you're going to see somebody violent,” Hamilton says. “They're, for the most part, going to be pretty chill. We're good humans and we just enjoy different things.”

Cheba Hut is a cannabis-themed sandwich shop, but nowhere on the menu will you find anything containing THC (one of the psychotropic compounds responsible for getting its user “high”) or anything else derived from the plant. There are 45 Cheba Hut franchises around the country.

“I'm just most excited about shutting the street down and really just bringing a whole bunch of people in to enjoy,” Hamilton says.

Cannabis is decriminalized in Cincinnati, meaning possession of the plant won’t land you in jail as long as the amount is under 100 grams. To put that into perspective, 100 grams is the equivalent to about 83 normal-sized blunts.

Just because its status is decriminalized in Cincinnati doesn’t mean the police are guaranteed to turn a blind eye to the plant’s consumption in public, so be careful: don’t carry around more than Snoop Dogg’s daily ration of weed in the city, dig?

Cheba Hut's 4/20 Party will be taking place on Short Vine Street between Corry and Charlton streets in Corryville on Wednesday, April 20 from 2-9 p.m. More information can be found by heading to

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