Children's Theater of Cincinnati Launches Streaming Performances of Family-Friendly Musicals

Watch videos of select shows free for a limited time

Mar 26, 2020 at 3:01 pm

click to enlarge "Casper the Friendly Musical" from October 2019 - Photo: Mikki Schaffner Photography
Photo: Mikki Schaffner Photography
"Casper the Friendly Musical" from October 2019

While, like the rest of our local performing arts venues, the Children's Theatre of Cincinnati has had to postpone its upcoming programming because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has come up with a digital solution to entertain families. 

The new TCT Everywhere page features everything from acting exercises and study guides to craft ideas and contests. The theater is also streaming select videos of past shows. 

Casper the Friendly Musical, from October 2019, is available to watch for free for a limited time. As per the TCT description, "Vaporized 50 years earlier during a freak lightning storm, Casper and his three uncles are living a rather uneventful life in the family mansion, until Magdalena Monteverde, their former housekeeper, appears late one night. She seeks the deed to the house…not because she wants to live there, but because she believes the deed contains a secret message that will lead to great fortune."

Suffragettes: With Liberty and Voting for All is also available. "In 2020, the nation celebrates the Centennial Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the United States — the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. Viewers can experience the empowering history of the brave women who made triumphant strides through sacrifice and determination. Through story and song, children and adults can learn about the great gift these women left us," reads the TCT description.

Sleeping Beauty from April 2019 is coming soon. "The impulsive but courageous Princess Aurora (who prefers 'Rory') doesn’t quite fit in with the other princesses in ‘Princess School.’ After meeting her prince by kissing a frog (because how else do you meet guys in Princess School) Rory sets out on her own to discover all the Kingdom has to offer," says a TCT description. The show also features a 20-foot dragon designed by the Frisch Marionette Company. 

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