Cincinnati Artist Pam Kravetz on What to Wear to the Mirror Ball at Music Hall on New Year's Eve

Pam Kravetz has three words for anyone putting an outfit together: “Lizzo’s tiny purse!"

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click to enlarge The ever-fabulous Pam Kravetz - Photo by Super Craig
Photo by Super Craig
The ever-fabulous Pam Kravetz

Music Hall will be a place transformed this New Year's Eve by way of its inaugural Mirror Ball bash. Described as "part futuristic disco, part reflection on our past," the celebration promises to be a dazzling one. 

Dance into 2020 with tunes provided by DJ ETrayn. Sip a specialty cocktail crafted by Cincinnati's own Molly Wellmann or opt for wine a la Kevin Hart of Hart & Cru. And don't fret — plenty of late-night bites will be on deck to keep you fueled through the night. (The bash kicks off at 9 p.m. and will continue even after the clock strikes midnight.) 

One attendee, in particular, will likely catch your eye if you're planning on spending New Year's Eve at the Mirror Ball. That's local artist Pam Kravetz, who will literally be dressed as a glitzy, glammed-out walking-and-talking mirror ball. Groovy, indeed. Who's ready to disco the night away like it's 1979?

We caught up with Kravetz via email ahead of the extravaganza to chat about the making of her outfit, tips for putting together your own and more. 

CityBeat: Can you touch on the process of making your mirror ball costume (i.e. how long has it been in the works/what's it made of?)

Pam Kravetz: Creating just the right look for just the right amount of New Year's Eve spectacle is a DIY crafting challenge I love! My art for galleries, museums, a parade, Arnold’s bathtub and partywear lives in my head for a long time before I start creating. I embrace the pressure of a looming deadline to get the art out of my head and into the real world.

This Mirror Ball Pam Couture is created out of a repurposed floating paper mache’ head (created by the amazing duo of Carla Lamb and Pam Dwertman) from my collaborative BLINK installation – Dazzle Doodle’s House of Fun. It has a gazillion teeny tiny mirrors, lots of hot glue and my (husband) Craig’s steady engineering hands! My headpiece is created with sparkly silver and black Christmas ornaments created by the uber-talented Theresa Kramer. The sliver onesie — from Amazon Prime of course (looming deadline)! This outfit takes tons of time and lots of great artist hands to create!

CB: You're going to literally look like the life of the party. How far are you leaning into the mirror ball look? 

PK: Oh yes!!! I do LOVE a theme! Leaning into a theme is my favorite way to embrace an event, a happening, a celebration! My “skirt” is literally a handmade disco ball with over a thousand tiny mirrors. I want the light to hit me and shine, shine, shine!!! My gorgeous headpiece looks like tiny little mirror balls all squished together. My Spruce nails (will be) full of disco ball glittery deliciousness. So, I’d say more than leaning in I may be jumping in 100 percent.

CB: What are your words of wisdom for people still putting together their own outfits for the New Year's Eve Mirror Ball party? 

PK: I have 3 words for everyone getting their outfits together: “Lizzo’s tiny purse!"

Seriously, what else do you need? I looked at W Magazine, Cosmo, Elle, GQ, Polly, Outside (in case you go to the Red River Gorge for NYE) to see what’s the best advice. But, I think I can save everyone the trouble.

Glittery? Yes! Fake Furry? You bet! Pop of color, lots of black? Always a great bet! Disco ball couture? Why not? You don’t have to spend a lot for festive attire. Swap with your besties like in high school. Go vintage, we have amazing resale and vintage shops (in Cincinnati) — Mannequin, Nvision, Casablanca Vintage, Hi-Bred and Down to Mars are all amazing. For those who identify as female, support local makers and shops like Continuum, Idlewild, The Wardrobe, Slone, The Most Beautiful Thing in the World, Le Lieu, Black Owned, or Sew Valley… get one special thing that makes you smile! Those identifying as male, go vintage and resale, from classic to campy. Go to Bespoke or Hellman for a touch of fanciful!

No matter what you do or wear, you know what is best? Be yourself, be fearless, be fierce and you will be fabulous (I may have stolen that).

CB: We're not only ushering in a new year, but also a new decade — all the more for celebration. What do you hope to see for Cincinnati in the next decade? 

PK: My hope and dreams for the Cincinnati, the city I love in 2020? Love yourself! Dream big!!! We have come so far and still have so much work to do! That is exciting! Keep the arts and the creatives in your heart, your family and neighbors in your thoughts … reach out, be kind, bridge divides and be more inclusive because people that are different than us are cool. Open our doors to those in need, new to town from nearby and from lands far away, grow and build our community while honoring the past.

My prediction for the next decade?? …. The Queen City will turn into a Monarchy, ruled by a true Queen – Penny Tration!

9 p.m. Dec. 31. $100 general admission; $125 general admission day of; $150 VIP; $175 VIP day of. Music Hall, 1241 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine,

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