Cincinnati Detectives Go ‘Inside Homicide’

Inside Homicide (10 p.m. Thursdays, Investigation Discovery) follows Cincinnati detectives Jenny Luke and Jennifer Mitsch along with Atlanta’s Summer Benton as they investigate homicides in their respective cities.

Oct 22, 2014 at 12:56 pm
click to enlarge Detective Jennifer Mitsch
Detective Jennifer Mitsch

True crime has long been a popular genre of books, film and television. That interest is further piqued when the crime at hand happened in your own back yard. Inside Homicide (10 p.m. Thursdays, Investigation Discovery) follows Cincinnati detectives Jenny Luke and Jennifer Mitsch along with Atlanta’s Summer Benton as they investigate homicides in their respective cities.

If the names and concept sound familiar, the show was originally packaged for TLC as Women of Homicide last spring, but was cancelled and relaunched for ID.

To answer the proverbial, “Does it make us look bad?” question: Only to the extent that any true crime show could reflect poorly on any city. Yes, there’s crime in Cincinnati — horrendous crimes, in some cases. Lives are lost, witnesses refuse to cooperate, people want answers and the police do what they can to solve these cases. But that is true of nearly any location, and it certainly doesn’t come off as a reflection of Cincinnati as a whole.

Inside Homicide has a pretty straightforward documentary style, with little if any dramatization and sensationalism. What’s really interesting is that the show focuses on these three detectives in different urban settings, all of whom are women, without exploiting their gender for some “lady cops” angle. (Kudos on the rebranding.)

In this week’s episode, a local teen is found in the road with gunshot wounds and dies before an ambulance arrives. Mitsch and her partner investigate, finding connections to a notorious Cincinnati drug dealer.


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