Cincinnati's First SMASH Room is Now Open — But it’s Not What You Think

Unless you thought it was a room for breaking things, and not for sex

Sep 1, 2019 at 10:18 am
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Tools for smashing

Springdale’s Full Throttle Indoor Karting has added a new brand of thrill to its entertainment portfolio.

If you’ve ever fantasized about destroying your ex-boyfriend’s valuables with a baseball bat or throwing your heap-o-junk computer against a wall when it was struggling to keep up, this one’s for you. 

The SMASH Room invites those looking to let off some steam to enjoy 10 minutes of destroying everything in sight. 

Guests register for one of three different smash sessions, suit up and break to their heart’s content. 

Prices range from $25-$40 per person and include three packages: the BYOS (bring your own stuff), where participants bring a cardboard box full of items they want to smash; Entry Smash, which includes one large electronic and 10 fragile items; or the Premium Smash, with all the entry level items plus five more fragile pieces. Add-on breakables like large TVs, vases, etc. can be purchased for each package as well. 

Full Throttle provides smashers with all the safety equipment, tools and room for smashing. They also clean up the mess afterward. Up to four people can register for each session, but participants must be 18 years or older. 

Visit for more info or to schedule your session. 

Full Throttle, 11725 Commons Drive, Springdale.