Cincinnati Ranked Among the Best Cities for (Sips Coffee) NFL Fans? (Spits Out Coffee Profusely)

The website ranked the best U.S. cities for pro-football lovers based on things like touchdowns, beer price and pollution and somehow Cincinnati — home of the Bengals! — was deemed seventh-best

Oct 18, 2019 at 11:15 am
click to enlarge Not (literally) the Bengals - Photo: Ben Hershey
Photo: Ben Hershey
Not (literally) the Bengals

Subjectively, Cincinnati is one of the best cities in America for so many reasons. Great dining scene? Check. World-class arts offerings? Of course. Great parks? Yep. Excellent skyline? Yeah, sure. Excellent Skyline? I mean, yes, we like it. (Well, most of us.)

But, objectively, if you are a pro-football fan, living in Cincinnati — and rooting for the home team — is its own special kind of hell. At the very least, the beleaguered Bengals franchise would have to rank in the bottom, say, seven teams in terms of fan-friendliness, based on the team's inability to win big, consequential games and one of the worst stadium deals for tax-payers in the history of sports.

Alas, a website called makes the exact opposite argument — actually, its recent research determined, Cincinnati is the seventh best city in which to live if you are an NFL fan. And, no, that's not based on the fact that it's only a two-hour drive from Cincinnati to Indianapolis (which topped the site's rankings).

Yes, scientifically, based on things like touchdowns, beer prices and pollution, the site deemed Cincinnati — home of the Bengals! — an elite pro-football hub. The "study" also factored in things like food and ticket prices, as well as "precipitation," the only real ding against the Bengals.

Play-off wins over the past couple of decades, obviously, were not a factor.

The worst locale for pro-football fans in the U.S.? New York, apparently. The Jets and the Giants were ranked the worst and second-worst in the site's ranking, respectively.

"Gaming Club" is an online casino (the "world’s 1st," they say), which is just the kind of place one always turns for insight and expertise on American football towns. (The site's parent company appears to be based in Malta.)

This has been another friendly reminder/warning to always take these types of "research" projects/stunt rankings with a gargantuan grain of salt.