Cincinnati Sketch Comedy Group Future Science Returns with a Quarantined-Themed Livestream Special

Hang out with the whole hilarious Future Science gang from the comfort of your couch

Apr 1, 2020 at 12:26 pm
click to enlarge Future Science - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Future Science

After nearly a year since their farewell show, Cincinnati sketch comedy troupe Future Science has decided to return to the stage. Er, your computer, television or phone screens, for now...

As we wrote in 2016, "With the members posing as outlandish scientists who take themselves very seriously, Future Science is the stupidest version of smart. Set as if a fake corporation is paying the scientists to put on a show, the audience can expect comedic interruptions...Though the members of Future Science are all stand-up comedians, the show combines elements of sketch comedy, video and PowerPoint presentations with visual punchlines to make it interactive for bar patrons who weren’t expecting to catch a comedy show."

The group announced in early March that the whole Future Science gang was headed back to MOTR Pub to put on a conspiracy-themed show. 

Obviously, life has radically changed since then and their plans have shifted, though the Future Science team is quite facetiously skeptical of the ironic circumstances.

"We find it more than a little suspicious that as soon as we announce we're coming out of hiding to do a show shining a light on conspiracy, the governments of the world declare a global pandemic and shut most of the planet down," an email from group member Logan Lautzenheiser reads. "So, we're rescheduling that show until people are allowed to be in the same room and breathe all over each other again."

In the meantime, the crew will be coming to you live, streamed to your preferred device, with their "Live From the Bunker! Future Science presents Quarantined!" show. 

"It seems only appropriate for Future Science that as soon as we take one step out of our bunker, we find out there's a virus in the air and have to turn around and run right back in," Lautzenheiser said.

"All of the Future Science original members will be present (because what else would they have going on these days) and we've got an hour or so worth of material for anyone bored at home to enjoy. That's not counting technical difficulties. We'll probably have a three-hour show if you include all of the screaming and panicking whenever things go wrong!"

The show kicks off at 8 p.m. this Friday, April 3 and will be streamed from their Facebook page.