Cincinnati Zoo's Isla the Tamandua Is Expecting a Baby This Summer

A little something to look forward to...

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Isla the tamandua

Animal lovers will get to meet a new baby at the Cincinnati Zoo this summer.

Isla the tamandua has been expecting her third baby since October.

On Feb.1, the Cincinnati Zoo hosted its first winter virtual Home Safaris episode, and more than 180,000 viewers on Facebook heard the exciting pregnancy announcement and watched as Isla received an ultrasound. 

Tamanduas are also known as “lesser” anteaters, meaning they are smaller in size, according to Melanie, one of Isla’s keepers who appeared on Facebook live Monday. “[Isla is] one of our personal favorites. She has a lot of personality,” says Melanie. 

This adorable tamandua is from Central and South America and her favorite snack is worms. In the wild, tamanduas climb trees and use their long, sharp claws to cut open termite mounds. Their foot-long tongues help them gather thousands of insects from their mounds — a delicious meal for a tamandua. 

As Isla received her ultrasound, she slurped up a chicken-flavored baby-food smoothie.

“The baby is about three months into development,” said Melanie. Isla’s gestation will be roughly 160 days, and zookeepers say she is a healthy, happy mama. 

The zoo's winter Home Safari episodes are live-streamed on Facebook every weekday this month. Viewers also can access them on YouTube

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