CityBeat Streets: Four Cincinnatians Talk About Using the Streetcar

CityBeat is hitting the streets to ask locals about a different topic each week.

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click to enlarge CityBeat is hitting the streets to ask locals about a different topic each week. - Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Photo: Kennedy Dudley
CityBeat is hitting the streets to ask locals about a different topic each week.

What Cincinnati restaurant makes a great margarita? How will the big sports teams do this year? What issues should local government focus on? Nobody has more opinions on these and other pressing questions than Cincinnatians themselves. In our column CityBeat Streets, CityBeat reporters are asking local residents about a different topic each week, highlighting the Queen City's good, bad and ugly.

Got a burning question that you want Cincinnati residents to answer? Send suggestions to managing editor Allison Babka at [email protected]

This week's question:

Do you use Cincinnati’s streetcar?

click to enlarge Terry Schoenfeld - Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Terry Schoenfeld

Terry Schoenfeld
age 60
Northern Kentucky

“I’ve only taken the streetcar once, and it was right after it first opened. I work down at the Kroger building, and a group of girls took it down the street to go to lunch. It was great, I just don’t get out and about that much.”

click to enlarge Victoria Lowry - Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Victoria Lowry

Victoria Lowry
age 50
Monfort Heights

“Not very often. Sometimes when I’m going around with friends to, like, a restaurant and we need to be maybe at another location for a game or something like that. I walk back and forth every day from the courthouse to City Hall, but the route isn’t really convenient to jump on for that purpose. But it does take you up to Over-the-Rhine and then back down to the Banks, and that’s really convenient because that’s quite a long distance.”

click to enlarge Christina Escober - Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Christina Escober

Christina Escober
age 46
Anderson Township

“I haven’t. I’d love to, but I haven’t. For the last five months, I just started working in the city proper, so it’s not like I do not want to ride it or refuse to ride it. I’m very interested, but I’ve never gotten the chance.”

click to enlarge Shelley Delaney - Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Photo: Kennedy Dudley
Shelley Delaney

Shelly Delaney
age 62

“I don’t. When it first [opened], you know, the nostalgia, I’m like ‘let’s ride the streetcar.’ But, like, I don’t live down here. I drive to work and I drive home, so I don’t really have an occasion to do it, but I would. We had a girls’ overnight on Friday at an Airbnb in Washington Park and we were going to dinner a few blocks away, and I was trying to get the girls to ride the streetcar. They were like, ‘No let’s Uber,’ so I tried. I work for Visit Cincy, the Cincinnati Convention & Visitors Bureau, and with our incoming conventions that are coming here for multiple days, we give our attendees a map and a schedule for the streetcar. We encourage them to use that to go and explore the city after their meetings.”

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