Did You Google "Should I Quit My Job" This Year? AT&T Said A Lot of Ohioans Did

The communications company examined search data to determine the most popular "Should I" search queries in all 50 states

click to enlarge Did You Google "Should I Quit My Job" This Year? AT&T Said A Lot of Ohioans Did
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According to AT&T, a lot of Ohioans turned to the internet in 2019 for employment advice.

The communications company analyzed Google search data to determine the most searched “should I” question in each state. In Ohio, they determined it was "Should I quit my job."

Apparently, people often use Google like a Magic 8 Ball.

For the record, if you google "Should I quit my job," the top results include several lists of "good reasons" why, yes, you should quit your job, as well as an essay about lessons learned when someone quit their job without a back-up plan (didn't read it, but I'm assuming one lesson was, "Landlords who need your rent don't care what lessons you are learning after you've quit your job").

If you ask the 8 Ball at ask8ball.net, it says, "My sources say no."

According to AT&T's survey, "Should I move" is the most popular searched "should I" query, coming out on top in 11 states. Several of the states with the highest rates per capita of alcohol consumption in the country (Alaska, Vermont, North Dakota, Idaho) had a lot of people searching, "Should I drink," which is either hilarious or incredibly depressing.

There were plenty of practical queries popular in several states. Some were health-conscious ("Should I fast," "Should I diet," "Should I get a flu shot"), while others wondered about housing ("Should I lease," "Should I buy a house," "Should I move").

Meanwhile, California was the only state where "Should I shave my head" was the top searched "should I," but Virginians were on a similar, not quite so drastic wavelength, searching "Should I cut my hair" most.

And depending on what the search for "Should I break up with my boyfriend" netted, there are possibly a lot of single men in Pennsylvania. In Georgia, they didn't even get that far (yet!) — "Should I text him" was the top "should I" search.

Final thought: Should you move, Hawaiians? No. There — saved you a google.

Check the full numbers breakdown here.

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