Elektra Luxx (Review)

Upper-crust actors can't save this unmitigated flop

May 19, 2011 at 2:06 pm

How writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez got upper-crust actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julianne Moore to take part in this unmitigated flop is a mystery. Everything about this movie is off. Subplots don't connect. The tone is that of a comedy, but nothing is funny. As a sex-romp, nothing is sexy. Even the songs provided by the terrific Robyn Hitchcock don't work.

Carla Gugino plays a retired porn star named Elektra Luxx who teaches classes to inept housewives on how to make love like a porn star. Elektra is preggers. This comes as great news to her old pal Cora (Marley Shelton) who barters a favor in exchange for some dumb song lyrics written by Elektra's ex-boyfriend. Said dude was a "Rock Star" who died before recording the songs, all of which are about Elektra.

Elektra is only too happy to do Cora's dicey bidding of seducing her fiancé to compensate for her own dalliances. In a barely related subplot, Gordon-Levitt plays a "sex-blogger" with a proclivity for Swedish porn of the '70s. Moore does a weird cameo as a daydream version of the Virgin Mary. 

It doesn't help matters that the film's production values are lower than your average homemade YouTube video. Gutierrez has made a name for himself as the screenwriter of such dogs as Snakes on a Plane and Gothika. With that in mind, you'd think he might have hired a competent scriptwriter for a movie he was to direct. Grade: D

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