Need a Job? FC Cincinnati's West End Stadium Is Hiring

Stadium officials plan to hire more than 1,000 gameday employees in anticipation of FC Cincinnati’s first season there this spring.

Feb 19, 2021 at 10:59 am
click to enlarge FC Cincinnati's West End Stadium - Photo:
FC Cincinnati's West End Stadium

More than 1,000 gameday employees are expected to be hired at West End Stadium in anticipation of FC Cincinnati’s first season at the stadium this spring, representatives announced this week.

Positions include part-time work in customer service, ticketing, retail, merchandise, food and beverage, security, and housekeeping. 

The virtual application process begins at the West End Stadium job website. After applying, a one-way phone call will take place for chosen applicants followed by a two-way video call for finalists. 

Starting in March, West End Stadium expects to hold an average of three to four events a month. Shifts for most gameday employees average about six hours per event.

“The FC Cincinnati gameday staff will play a crucial role in ensuring that the guest experience for all at West End Stadium is equal to that of its world-class facility,” West End Stadium officials said in the announcement.

Earlier this month, FC Cincinnati President Jeff Berding announced that the team is aiming to hold its first home game at the stadium in mid-May.

During the Jan. 22 SuperDraft, the team added four plays, including Cincinnati's No. 2 overall pick, Wake Forest forward Calvin Harris. FC Cincinnati also selected midfielder Jonas Fjeldberg from the University of Dayton, defender Avionne Flanagan from South Florida and forward Matthew Vowinkel from Hofstra.

Season tickets are available online or by calling 513-977-5425 beginning Feb. 24 at 9 a.m.