The Fowling Warehouse Brings a Football-Bowling Hybrid to Pleasant Ridge

After two successful Michigan locations, they decided to open a warehouse in the Queen City

May 3, 2019 at 11:55 am
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Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Fowling Warehouse has set its sights on Cincinnati. The unique entertainment franchise capitalizes on the up-and-coming tailgating game, which combines bowling and football, and after two successful Michigan locations, they're launching in the Queen City. 

Located in the Highland Park industrial complex of Pleasant Ridge, the warehouse stretches 46,000 square feet and offers 30 total lanes of fowling, two full-service bars, a stage and a large biergarten. The Fowling Warehouse does not offer a food menu but does welcome guests to bring their own.

Great for individuals, groups, parties and corporate outings, the general objective of fowling is to knock over the opponent's bowling pins with a football before they knock yours down, but there are a few different ways to play.

Guests can either reserve a lane, which costs $120 for two hours with up to 10 maximum players per lane, or they can enjoy "open play," which requires no reservation and costs $10 per person. During "open play," fowlers can play all night long — the winner remains on the lane and loser must to get in line for another challenge.   

Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati is open seven day days a week; 5 p.m.-midnight Monday-Friday, noon-midnight Saturday and noon-10 p.m. Sunday. The warehouse is 21 and up Monday-Friday and after 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati, 2940 Highland Ave. #230, Pleasant Ridge,