HBO Miniseries Explores Small-Town Relationships

It’s a familiar tale: A sleepy town’s beguiling picturesque landscape hides the flaws of the people who call it home.

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Olive Kitteridge

It’s a familiar tale: A sleepy town’s beguiling picturesque landscape hides the flaws of the people who call it home. In Olive Kitteridge (Miniseries Premiere, 9 p.m. Sunday, HBO), that town is a coastal New England village, home to sharp-tongued teacher Olive, her friendly pharmacist husband Henry, her resentful son and a collection of complicated townsfolk.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Elizabeth Strout, Olive Kitteridge gets its titular matriarch in a frank and witty Frances McDormand, who we follow over a span of 25 years. Joining her are Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under), Bill Murray, John Gallagher, Jr. (The Newsroom) and a solid supporting cast. Lisa Cholodenko (The Kids Are All Right) directs the miniseries, which appears in four parts over two nights (the final half airs 9-11 p.m. Monday.)

Things aren’t always as simple as they appear in placid little towns, and the same goes for the people that live there — especially, in this case, Olive. As biting and harsh as she may be, it comes from an honest, heartfelt place. Like the quiet woods and still waters of the village act as a perceived barrier to the wicked world, Olive also wears her cynicism as armor as she navigates life through love and loss.


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