Here's the perfect jacket for National Marijuana Day

John Bartlett's "Cannabis Smoking Coat" is part of the permanent collection of Cincinnati Art Museum

Apr 20, 2018 at 4:08 pm
John Bartlett's "Cannabis Smoking Coat" - PHOTO: Provided
PHOTO: Provided
John Bartlett's "Cannabis Smoking Coat"

Happy 4/20, or National Marijuana Day, or National Pot Day.

To celebrate, we high-light this felt-wool "Cannabis Smoking Coat" by John Bartlett, a Cincinnati native and New York-based award-winning fashion designer. It's part of the Cincinnati Art Museum's collection.

When it was on display in the 2013 show What’s New: Fashion and Contemporary Craft, CityBeat named the exhibit one of the year's best. "When created in 2000, it was pretty outré," we wrote. "But the way things are going with marijuana legalization, it’s probably just a few years before the museum can sell reproductions in its gift shop without irony."

That seems just as true now, although it's not currently on display. We'll check back next April 20.