These Films Are Screening as Part of Cincinnati Film Fringe

Need more Fringe? Also craving some popcorn and a dose of cinema? Look no further.

Jun 6, 2019 at 11:02 am
"Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility" - The Mini Microcinema
The Mini Microcinema
"Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility"

The Fringe Festival may be best known for its live performances, but it also includes Film Fringe, a festival within a festival boasting a lineup of independent films just as weird as its theatric counterpart.

The Cindependent Film Festival is curating “Pasquinade,” a program inspired by the popular RiffTrax audio commentary series where comedians poke fun at movies as they play. Five themed nights will pair a curated selection of independent short films with at least one comedian who is guaranteed to have you laughing the whole time.

All of the flicks will unfold at Cincinnati World Cinema’s Garfield Theatre.

Kicking-off the lineup is "Milk Nose: Comedy Flicks" on June 7, where local comedian Jack Crumley will try his best make three funny films — Off Book, Hug it Out and Love These Days — even more humorous.

Return the following day for “Lovestruck!,” where four flicks — Lessons in Accidental Magic, Girl Meets Roach, Among Other Things and Night Dancing — will bring the ‘rom' while Crumley and Mark Borison provide the ‘com.’

“Take a Right Turn Here” will explore the theme of unlikely situations through three films — What Metal Girls are Into, Chiluminati and Maplewood — on June 12. Comedians David Powell and Borison will lend the laughs.

Festivalgoers can then mix jokes and jump scares at “Horror et. al,” where Crumley will return to lampoon the films Silent Ring, Den and Echoes.

On June 15 at midnight, Cindependent Fiilm Festival will close things out with a screening of their three favorite films: Echoes; Margaret and The Moon and Off Book. Per usual, the screenings will be accompanied by two comedians.

That’s not all Fringe has to offer for cinephiles. Over-the-Rhine’s The Mini Microcinema will also screen two projects from local filmmakers. On June 6 it will show Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility, which was written by local musician Jordin Goff and promises 75-minutes of low-budget, dinosaur-infused fun. A week later, on June 13, you can catch Burned, by creator Isabella Siska, which follows a young Mormon woman’s struggle to discover her place in the world while being abused by her father.

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