Homemade Sign Implores Sledders at Covington's Devou Park to Not Be 'Stupid'

A cardboard sign posted by an anonymous park-goer reminds sledders that if they crash into a tree, it's their own damn fault.

click to enlarge The homemade sign was located near the park's overlook point on the right side of the road. - Photo: Kelly Brown
Photo: Kelly Brown
The homemade sign was located near the park's overlook point on the right side of the road.

A homemade sign in Devou Park shows that someone in Greater Cincinnati knows their physics.

Kelly Brown snapped a photo in the Covington park of a cardboard sign urging park-goers not to sue Devou should they hit a tree while sledding during our current stretch of winter storms. The sign's creator is unknown.

The sign reads (shared as it appears on the sign):

Warning area prone to gravity

Neuton’s Laws of Motion

1st a object won’t change it’s motion unless a force act’s on it

2nd The Force of a object is equal to it’s mass x it’s acceleration

3rd When two objects interact they apply Forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction


If you ride a sled downhill and hit a tree

It’s not the parks fault

It’s not the city’s fault

It’s your fault for being STUPID

Don’t Sue!!!

The sign refers to Newton’s Laws of Motion, which Sir Isaac Newton published in Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687.

Brown tells CityBeat that she saw the sign hanging near park's overlook area on the right side of the road.

Sledders may want to keep the sign’s advice in mind in the coming days, as more snow is on the way for the Greater Cincinnati area. As of Feb. 12, The Weather Channel predicts that the region will not see temperatures above freezing until Feb. 19.

The Weather Channel also says that Roland, the winter storm that recently blanketed Greater Cincinnati with nearly 10 inches of snow, was the area’s heaviest snowstorm in 13 years. For many, Roland was a bit of a flashback to the Blizzard of '78.

The cold temperatures didn't stop people and pets from enjoying the hell out of the snow, though, as our slideshow of wintry photos proves.

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