Inaugural Loveland Frogman Festival to be Held at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason This Spring

Jeepers, creepers! The Loveland Frogman is now famous enough for a festival.

click to enlarge The Loveland Frogman - Artist Rendoring: Tim Bertlink
Artist Rendoring: Tim Bertlink
The Loveland Frogman

Anyone who thinks Ohio is boring clearly doesn’t know about our connection to multiple cryptids, but the Frogman Festival in Mason is trying to change that.

If you’ve spent enough time in our area, you’ve probably heard of the Loveland Frogman and some of the other Cincinnati-based urban legends and cryptids. From Sasquatch hunters to Mothman enthusiasts, Cincinnatians love their creepy creatures. Frogman is no exception, so it only makes sense that someone finally started a festival to celebrate the amphibi-man.

"WTF is the Loveland Frogman?"

The Frogman is supposed to be a roughly 4-foot-tall creature that walks on its hind legs, standing like a human, but has a frog face and head. The story originates in 1955 but picked up steam in 1972 when a local police officer reported seeing the creature to his co-worker. Later, as recently as 2016, someone else reported seeing the creature.

Rumor has it that it may have been a now-dead iguana. But, you know, that’s not nearly as much fun.

The inaugural Frogman Festival

The inaugural Frogman Festival will play host to a number of interesting events and debates surrounding Frogman and more. The festival, held at Great Wolf Lodge, will have a whopping 50 vendors selling art, tees and other merch centered on Frogman and other legendary Cincy cryptids. They’ll also host a MetaZoo tournament offering a $50,000 prize to the top winners.

Most interesting for cryptid and urban legend nerds, though, will be the eight speakers giving 45-minute talks on their various creepy areas of expertise. Ready to learn more about Frogman and his, uh, friends? These talks will be your perfect opportunity.

Want to see the Loveland Frogman? You can hang around Lake Isabella in Loveland, or just go to the Frogman Festival. The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on March 4 at Great Wolf Lodge, located at 2501 Great Wolf Drive, Mason.

Tickets are $10 for adults; kids get in free. More information:

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