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While she’s not exactly a girl on fire, Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Shailene Woodley) finds herself waking from a series of fiery dreams, teeming with dead family members and friends accusing her unforgivable sins. “Our blood is on your hands,” they tell her and she hitches this psychological cross upon her thin shoulders and soldiers on. And I couldn’t help settling in with Insurgent, the second installment in the Veronica Roth bestselling series, because unlike all of the talk of deadly Hunger Games — in that other Young Adult world with an angry young female savior — the revolution here has a sense of urgency and an oddly high number of violent skirmishes with brutal finality. I would like to attribute some of that to Robert Schwentke, the director of The Time Traveler’s Wife and RED, who takes over after Neil Burger’s strong start, but I can’t shake the fact that Insurgent truly ups the ante on the surreal Wachowski elements — especially a heroine in Tris who could give Neo a run for his enlightened mind and perception-bending abilities — building a futurescape that will leave audiences eager for a greatly anticipated conclusion (hopefully revealed in one rousing climax rather than a box office-driven narrative wedge that dissipates the wonderful tension). (Opens wide Friday)  (PG-13) Grade: B

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