Jennifer's Body (Review)

Megan Fox and Diablo Cody team up to mediocre results

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Jennifer (Megan Fox) is the beautiful cheerleader that every guy, popular or otherwise, wants to bed, while Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is the smart girl in the glasses and sensible outfits who tags along with her cool friend.

Girlfight, director Karyn Kusama’s debut back in 2000, explored similar themes with a gritty eye for the real-life details of Diana Guzman (Michelle Rodriguez before the celebrity rap sheet beat down her filmography) fighting to live on her own terms. Diana didn’t connect with the gossipy around the way girls, was assumed to be butch due to her fascination with boxing and found herself locked in constant struggles with both girls and boys. But Kusama’s film took us deeper and showed how Diana’s body became the instrument that set her free.

Writer Diablo Cody (Juno’s Academy Award-winning hipster scribe) zeroes in on Jennifer’s form, making it a battleground in what she sees as an epic horror story waged in the adolescent gender wars. Sex is power, we hear Jennifer tell Needy early on — and to make her point more emphatically, she grabs Needy’s breasts like a rough and ready lover. It’s in these moments that Cody and Kusama mesh best; where Cody doesn’t force herself to try to top the pop cultural zinger in the previous line because Kusama’s visual has driven the line home just fine.

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s Body is a horror movie, and the inevitable girlfright devolves into senseless bloodbath, which doesn’t suit the talents of either Cody or Kusama. Grade: D

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