Knight and Day (Review)

Cruise, Diaz and CGI chase scenes can't fill this movie's empty shell

James Mangold (Walk the Line and Girl, Interrupted) pawns off his directing credentials to shepherd through this spastic piece of celebrity eye-candy action drivel. First-time screenwriter Patrick O'Neill pieces together a series of shoot-em-up CGI chase scenes that exist as inert bubbles of characterless plot points in a sea of vacuous narrative foam.

Cameron Diaz plays June Havens, an implausible muscle-car mechanic living in Boston. Her fireman ex-boyfriend Rodney (Marc Blucas) still has the hots for her. To June's dimwitted surprise, she gets wrapped up with CIA counter spy Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) when Roy conveniently slips a MacGuffin into her luggage before the two board the same flight.

Once in the air, Roy must dispatch everyone on the plane — pilots included — while she fixes her make-up in the restroom. One crash-landing later, Roy and June adopt each other as vaguely romantic counterparts on a circuitous tail-chasing mission to upset the peace of a desert island, disrupt a public bull run in Spain and sully elegant backstreets in Austria.

Closer in tone to the recent Mr. and Mrs. Smith knock-off Killers than the suave and superbad Bourne Identity, Knight and Day is a shell of a movie. Cruise might look better than most 47-year-old movie stars, and Diaz isn't exactly hard on the eyes, but you need more than looks to keep an audience's attention. Grade: C-

Opens June 23. Check out theaters and show times, see the trailer and get theater details here.
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