Know Theatre's 'Sleeping Giant' is a Horror Comedy with a Chilling Connection to Modern-Day Societal Issues

Sleeping Giant runs Aug. 4-20 at Know Theatre in Over-the-Rhine.

click to enlarge Know Theatre will present its production of Sleeping Giant from Aug. 4-20. - Photo: Provided by Know Theatre
Photo: Provided by Know Theatre
Know Theatre will present its production of Sleeping Giant from Aug. 4-20.

This summer, Know Theatre celebrates its 26th season with a production of Sleeping Giant.

Sleeping Giant is a horror comedy with an interesting connection to modern-day societal issues. In the production, a marriage proposal goes so horribly wrong that it awakens an ancient evil from the bottom of a lake. Behind all of the “ancient evil” is a story about the dangers of slow-growing totalitarianism, the dangers of cult mentality and how far people will look away from the immediate danger looming over them. It encases tones of creeping fascism, horror and butterflies with fast-paced dialogue, thrill and humor.  

Briana Miller will be making her mainstage debut as the Naïf.  Miller may be familiar to some, as she made an appearance as Lady Ferrers in The Highway Woman at the 2023 Cincy Fringe Festival. Regulars Tess Talbot (as the Convert) and Jared Earland (the Raconteur) will be returning to the Know stage for Sleeping Giant. Some may recognize them as characters in last season’s production of Dickless. Finally, Ryan-Chavez Richmond will be playing the Messenger. Chavez is no stranger to the Know stage, having appeared in Harpers Ferry and Sunrise Coven in 2019.

Evening performances at the Know will now begin at 7:30 p.m. Their underground bar will open at 6:30 p.m. for evening productions, and specialty cocktails will be served before and after the show.  

Sleeping Giant runs Aug. 4-20. Tickets are available on, or by calling the box office at 513-300-5669. Tickets start at $25. Know Theatre is located at 1120 Jackson St., Over-the-Rhine.

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