Learn How to Taxidermy Your Very Own Anthropomorphic Rat at Hail Dark Aesthetics

The whimsy!

Aug 16, 2019 at 9:32 am
Learn How to Taxidermy Your Very Own Anthropomorphic Rat at Hail Dark Aesthetics
Photo: Provided by Meddling with Nature/Hail

Hail Dark Aesthetics, the MainStrasse oddities and record shop, is hosting several taxidermy, articulation and mounting workshops with Meddling with Nature, an educational group that explores the connection between art and nature through direct, hands-on experience.

And if you've ever fancied yourself a bit of a Wes Anderson-type and longed to create and display your very own whimsical taxidermied rat, now is your chance. 

Meddling with Nature is leading a rat taxidermy workshop 6-11 p.m. Aug. 25 and each participant will "go from start to finish on a rat of their choosing." Class participants will learn both naturalistic and anthropomorphic poses, plus the techniques needed to work on most small mammals, tips on glass-eye painting and info on the clays and tools needed to perform the work on your own in the future.

All supplies are included — except outfits for your rats; bring your own — and Hail says, on the "'gore scale' this ranks at about a cooking level."

Also note: "This does require delicate hands, but if you are careful, you will certainly surprise yourself and friends with a fantastic sculpture!"

This class runs five hours and costs $220.

In addition to the rat taxidermy class, Meddling with Nature and Hail will be hosting a:

  • Bone articulation class: "Are you an artist or a crafty person that needs a little knowledge and know-how in regards to bones, skeletons or articulation? This is the workshop for you!" 8 p.m. Aug. 20. $35; $60 per pair.
  • Scorpion mounting class: "This two-hour workshop covers the techniques of preserving and mounting scorpions. Heterometrus laoticus to be exact. That's right, these guys are actually big enough to wire and stuff (7 inches including tail)." 8 p.m. Aug. 22. $65; $100 per pair.
  • Five-horned rhino beetle mounting class: "Learn the in and outs of preserving and mounting your very own 5-horned rhinoceros beetle." 8 p.m. Aug. 23. $49; $90 per pair

Hail Dark Aesthetics is located at 720 Main St., Covington.