Life As We Know It (Review)

Romantic comedy wallows in contrivance and stunning immaturity

Oct 11, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Perpetually squabbling single godparents (Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) must step up to raise their godchild after an accident claims the lives of their best friends. Holly (Heigl) is a no-nonsense caterer eager to find the kind of love she believes exists in the marriage and family of her friends, while Eric (Duhamel) is a technical director for the Atlanta Hawks and a deliriously happy cad.

The premise, which throws these two together, is so typically cliched you might wonder why bother investigating it, especially when it's executed in such rote fashion as director Greg Berlanti does.

But there was potential somewhere in the mix here. With more independent-minded instincts, this Life could have found the real dramatic edge of these characters and their predicament. It would have been powerfully moving and genuinely funny to see Holly and Eric make the hard choices regarding their roles as godparents and inevitable lovers. Yet Berlanti forgoes such intrigue, settling for sitcom hijinks and a life that’s rendered with contrivance and stunning immaturity. Grade: D-plus

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