Lords and Ladies: The Ohio Renaissance Festival Has Been Canceled This Year

Medieval jousting, giant turkey legs, pints of mead and more will return to the Waynesville village in 2021

Aug 7, 2020 at 3:29 pm
Ohio Renaissance Festival - Photo: Adam Doty
Photo: Adam Doty
Ohio Renaissance Festival

Sadly, but understandably, another annual 2020 event hath bitten the dust, giving us an entire year to practice our 16th-century English accents and spruce up our Medieval wardrobes. 

This year's Ohio Renaissance Festival, slated to take place in Waynesville's historically recreated Elizabethan village starting Labor Day weekend, has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to the festival's website, in order to keep their guests, participants and employees safe, they have made the decision to postpone the event until next year. 

"Amid growing concerns stemming from COVID-19 and with the health and safety of all of you being first and foremost in our minds, we the owners/management have made this difficult decision," the website says. "We have spent much of our time ensuring a safe environment for revelry and fun. However, at the end of the day, we cannot justify putting the public, our participants, or employees at risk."

The announcement goes on to explain that many of their performers have made the choice to "bow out for the season" and that they "respect them for putting their health and family first." 

But, alas, the fest will return in 2021, with all of the turkey legs, pints of mead and various forms of entertainment your corseted bust can handle including, but not limited to: Medieval jousting, sword fighting, mud slinging, insult masters, human-powered rides, jugglers and places where you can throw an axe. 

If you have already purchased a ticket, season pass or ORFans membership, you can either roll it over to next year's event, or request a refund by filling out this form by Sept. 5 at 11:59 p.m. If you don't request a refund, your ticket, pass or membership will automatically be eligible for the 2021 season. 

Get more information at renfestival.com.

And if you're a turkey reading this, it's time to come out of hiding and party — ain't no one stealing your legs until Thanksgiving this year.