Lost Stuffed Dog Left at CVG Airport Will Be Reunited With Its Owners This Week

The good boi is goin' home

Jul 23, 2020 at 2:54 pm
Jet the stuffed dog - Photo: Twitter.com/CVGAirport
Photo: Twitter.com/CVGAirport
Jet the stuffed dog

Last Wednesday (July 15), we told our readers about a lost little stuffed doggo at the CVG airport that was separated from its humans. 

But we have some good news for the folks following this wholesome story: the stuffed pup, now nicknamed Jet, is headed home to be reunited with his family. 

CVG posted a photo of the masked dalmatian at the airport on their Twitter July 23, announcing that the lil' buddy will be traveling to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport tomorrow through Allegiant. 

During his time at the airport, employees have been taking him on adventures and documenting their fun activities, which include introducing him to Cincinnati's signature Graeter's Ice Cream, inspecting plane engines and touring the airport's firehouse.  

After an eventful week, the lil' guy will be back home with his family soon and will have plenty of stories to share.