Nerd Out While Blissed Out? Mystic Magick Massage Offers Pop-Culture Massages in Erlanger

Accio massage oil!

Mar 18, 2021 at 8:34 pm
click to enlarge "Harry Potter"-themed massage room - Photo: Provided by Mystic Magick Massage
Photo: Provided by Mystic Magick Massage
"Harry Potter"-themed massage room

The stress of the pandemic is weighing on us all, and in a time when everything is hyper-sanitized, partaking in our regular stress-reducing practices has gotten a little more difficult.

Chelsea Morgan, owner of Mystic Magick Massage, is tackling that issue while incorporating a fun, pop-culture twist to your everyday massage. With themes like Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli and Legend of Zelda, there’s something to fit everyone’s cup of tea.

Morgan has been in the massage industry since 2017, but only recently started her own woman-run, Black-owned business amid the pandemic.

“A lot of my friends and clients had expressed that it would be nice to have a place that doesn’t have a ton of foot traffic so they could feel safe and relaxed. I decided to become that place. I only allow two clients a day so that I can thoroughly sanitize and clean and keep foot traffic low,” Morgan tells CityBeat.

Morgan’s themed massages became available in March after deciding that the industry deserved some more fun.

“Everybody needs a massage. Young, old, chronic pains, or just daily stresses. Why not have the option of emerging yourself in total relaxation in a world of your choice?” Morgan asks.

Each theme has a custom playlist, scenes from your chosen fandom projected on the wall, special lighting and colors, and a customized essential oil blend, all with the intent of immersing each client into a new world during their massage.

Since opening her business, Morgan says the response has been amazing. Between people looking to book and shares on social media, she’s hoping to add more themes in the coming months.

In addition to the whimsical sessions, Morgan does offer mainstream deep tissue massage, prenatal massage for expecting mothers, CBD options and a variety of others.

Mystic Magick Massage is located in Erlanger, Kentucky, and can be found on Facebook and the Mystic Magick Massage website.