Newport Aquarium to Launch Immersive Shipwreck Adventure Exhibit Full of Eels, Sunken Remains and a Treasure Chest

Like lots of eels. Great news for eel fans.

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click to enlarge Captain's Quarters rendering - Photo: Provided by the Newport Aquarium
Photo: Provided by the Newport Aquarium
Captain's Quarters rendering

The Newport Aquarium is adding some "ahoy" with the forthcoming Shipwreck: Realm of the Eels exhibit, opening in spring 2020.

The new, million-dollar attraction will take the place of the 20-year-old Dangerous & Deadly display and transform the space into an interactive and immersive sunken seafloor. 

According to a press release, "Guests will discover the ruins of a long-ago sunken ship scattered across the sea floor, now home to hundreds of animals including mysterious eels, brightly colored fish and curious crustaceans as they thrive in this accidental reef."

Shipwreck will feature five different habitat zones: a Captain's Quarters, Treasure Chest, Cargo Hold, Ship's Anchor and Ropes and Rigging. 

click to enlarge Green moray eel - Photo: Provided by the Newport Aquarium
Photo: Provided by the Newport Aquarium
Green moray eel

Inside the Captain's Quarter, discover gigantic green moral eels (up to five feet long) who have made the wreckage their home. A ship's mast, tattered sails and wheel create a photo op. The Treasure Chest will be home to "jewel-colored fish," swimming in a reef surrounded by gold coins. The Cargo Hold features cuttlefish, garden eels and frogfish darting between barrels and crates. The Ship's Anchor display houses chain moray eels who have "an impressive black body covered in yellow chain-like rings." And the Ropes and Rigging feature lets guests venture into a dome to see venomous lionfish and scorpionfish and the purplemouth eel. 

“We’re always listening to our guests to figure out what new adventures they want in their next visit,” said Newport Aquarium Executive Director, Eric Rose, in a release. “To be able to create an artificial reef teeming with ocean life, thriving in a sunken ship is really going to wow them. But it’s not just the fun of this environment that we get excited about, it’s also the chance to teach visitors about the value of artificial reefs and ocean conservation.”

The exhibit is slated to open spring 2020. The aquarium is currently running a buy-three-get-one-free special on season passes (through Dec. 31) which are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Newport Aquarium, 1 Levee Way, Newport,

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