Ohio Ranked One of the Top 10 States in America to Visit This Fall

According to this study, Ohio apparently has the second most pumpkin patches in the nation, just losing out to New York.

Great news all you fall fans (which is basically a third of Americans per this poll)! According to a small study done by LawnStarter (literally a lawn care service website), Ohio is the sixth best state to visit this fall — and you already live here

Our sixth place status puts up there with the likes of New York, Alaska, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Colorado, who round out the top five. Not too shabby. 

LawnStarter graded 47 of the 50 states — excluding California, Oregon and Washington due to the recent wildfires — based on their parks and forests, entertainment, trails, yard size and natural hazards. Each of these were then broken down into smaller metrics such as the number of national parks and state parks, or how much area those parks covered. In entertainment they graded fall activities including number of pumpkin patches, wineries, or apple orchards.

So how did Ohio do?

Our highest ranking was in entertainment, coming in at No. 4 out of 47 states, helped along by our title as having the second most pumpkin patches in the nation — just losing out to New York.

Our lowest ranking was in the parks and forests category, coming in at No. 30, with LawnStarter saying we are the fifth worst state for scenic fall drives. 

The places you really don’t want to visit in the fall seem to be located in the South. "Three out of the five bottom states are in the South, and they’re all on the coast. This means they’re the biggest targets for less than ideal weather (a quick glance at the news will show you that fall is prime hurricane season)," says LawnStarter. 

Or, the worst of the worst, Nevada, which comes in dead last at No. 47. 

See the full results and metrics at lawnstarter.com.

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