Owners of MiCA 12/v Open Paper Wings Stationery Store and Gallery in Over-the-Rhine

The longstanding giftshop owners have opened a new venture just down the street

Jul 16, 2019 at 10:31 am
click to enlarge Paper Wings exterior - Photo: Holden Mathis
Photo: Holden Mathis
Paper Wings exterior

The husband-and-wife team behind Over-the-Rhine’s MiCA 12/v have created a sister store specializing in all things paper. Paper Wings officially opened for business at 1207 Vine St. on June 28.

Carolyn Deininger, who has owned MiCA since its 2003 inception alongside her husband Mike, said the local art, fine craft and design-based gift shop has seen an increase in demand for its paper products. Their limited space at 1201 Vine St. was not big enough to accommodate more products, so they decided to devote a brand-new store, located two doors down, to the hot commodities.

Paper Wings sees an expanded selection of paper items including journals, sketchbooks, notebooks and cards as well as new items like wrapping paper. Carolyn says she tries to offer a collection that is personal and works together under a specific aesthetic.

click to enlarge Paper Wings interior - Photo: Holden Mathis
Photo: Holden Mathis
Paper Wings interior

“We had a customer come in and look at the cards and say, ‘I really like what you have here, but I only buy cards at MiCA.’ And we can say, ‘Well, it’s OK, we’re the same owners,’” Carolyn says. “We’re really proud that we have such a loyal following at MiCA, and so as the word gets out that this is the sister store to MiCA, we’ve had more and more people come in.”

In addition to selling paper products, Carolyn’s fine arts background inspired the introduction of Paper Wings’ second major aspect: a gallery. Making up just under half of the shop’s interior, the gallery features rotating shows by local artists working on paper. Media ranges from photography to charcoal drawings, with collages currently on display. The shop will also feature workshops held by local artists.

click to enlarge A selection of cards and goods at Paper Wings - Photo: Holden Mathis
Photo: Holden Mathis
A selection of cards and goods at Paper Wings

Though a business dedicated to paper in the digital age may seem counterintuitive, Carolyn says her business offers a refreshing change from the barrage of emails and texts, which can be offhanded in nature.

“I think it’s just a natural response to want to slow down a little and send something more personal, to take some time and really think about what you’re doing,” she says. “I think that’s what can make (Paper Wings) successful is creating something that reminds people of the positives and how good it feels to take time and do something more personal and more meaningful.”

Open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday; 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday; 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. Sunday. 1207 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine, 513-421-3500.