Queer Eye Creator Casting Cincy Couples in 'Love Story'

The show is looking for committed couples who haven't been able to get married or celebrate their wedding

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Marriage ceremonies are beautifully meaningful celebrations of eternal love and partnership, but can quickly become expensive, time-consuming and downright overwhelming ordeals for everyone involved. Or other life events may get in the way. Because of this, countless couples who consider themselves life partners eschew traditional marriages and weddings for years on end.

A new show from the creator of Queer Eye — both the early aughts original and the Netflix reboot — aims to give several committed couples in the greater Cincinnati area the opportunity to be wed in front of a television camera and have their stories heard by millions.

Queer Eye creator David Collins grew up in Cincinnati and has previously expressed a desire to film a season of the popular Netflix makeover show to the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky area. But while the Fab Five have yet to travel our way, the (yaass) Queen City is still getting a chance to show off our most inspirational and sob-inducing love stories for the rest of the country’s amusement in the new show, Love Story.

Details about Love Story are incredibly scarce, but we do know that it is currently casting for “unique and inspiring love stories” from couples living within a two-hour drive of Cincinnati for the show’s inaugural season. 

A show synopsis reads: "Do you know a great couple who want to spend the rest of their lives together, but haven’t made it official? What about a couple that isn’t married yet because life events or challenges have held them back? Is there an inspiring couple in your life who are legally married, but never made the time to celebrate their love? Whether they’re your siblings, children, parents, close friends or colleagues, we’re looking to hear from you."

A single casting call, expiring May 17, for an engaged or married transgender couple on the website of entertainment industry magazine Backstage sheds a dim light on what kind of partnerships we can expect Love Story to present.

If reading this instantly makes you think of ‘that couple’ you know who would be perfect for this show, you can email [email protected] to nominate them.

Couples interested in nominating themselves must fill out an application and submit a clear and recent photo of them as a couple on lovestory.castingcrane.com.

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