Rookwood Pottery Releases New Dessert Plate to Celebrate Fiona the Hippo's Fourth Birthday

The pottery company teamed up with Busken Bakery to offer a special cookie 4-pack decorated using the Fiona design featured on the plate

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click to enlarge Rookwood Fiona dessert plate and exclusive Busken cookies - Photo:
Rookwood Fiona dessert plate and exclusive Busken cookies

Cincinnati's Rookwood Pottery is celebrating our favorite hippo's fourth birthday with a limited-edition dessert plate in her honor. 

Fiona, the miracle hippo baby, was born six weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo in January of 2017. At the time of her birth, she weighed a meager 29 pounds — about a fifth of what most hippos weigh when they're born.

To celebrate Fiona's four feisty years, the local pottery company has designed a new piece. 

Rookwood says the Fiona dessert plate was handcrafted by 12 artists, including Gary Simon, "who captures her playful personality through his intricate hand-carvings." The plate is priced at $45, and 20% of the proceeds go back to the Cincinnati Zoo. (Proceeds from the rest of Rookwood's Fiona-themed pieces also benefit the zoo). 

Looking for something special to put on that plate? Rookwood has teamed up with local Busken Bakery to offer an exclusive cookie, featuring the original sketch from plate designer Simon.

"Each Fiona cookie is a delicious balance of Busken’s famous sugar cookie recipe, topped with just enough icing to make it the sweetest birthday treat," the website reads.

Boxes are priced at $16 and come with four cookies. 

The pottery shop also has Fiona ice cream bowls available, released last year to celebrate Fiona's third birthday. Fill that bowl up with some scoops of Graeter's Chunky Chunky Hippo ice cream and you have yourself a party fit for our hippo princess. 

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