Shaving Your Head at Home? Cincinnati Stylists Offer Tips for Not Totally Messing Up This Quarantine Trend

While some people are busy growing out their facial hair in quarantine, others are busy shaving it all off...their heads.

Photo: Provided by Parlour

While some people are busy growing out their facial hair in quarantine, others are busy shaving it all off...their heads.

Buzzing your head is just one of the latest beauty trends manifested after long hours spent at home. It could be that people are taking clippers to their domes out of boredom or the fact that trying a new look is less scary when you only have to interact with those you're isolating with or because Gov. Mike DeWine temporarily shut down all hair salons and barbershops to help stop the spread of COVID-19, meaning there's no professional hair care (unless you live with a stylist).

And the short crop trend seems to be for all ages, genders and celebrity statuses. Tallulah Willis even posted a video to her Instagram of her dad, the ever-bald Bruce, shaving her hair for her.

We emailed with Bishops cut and color shop in Clifton, which specializes in non-binary looks (prices are based on length, not gender), and East Walnut Hills' Parlour, a creative and contemporary salon, to get their feedback and professional advice on how to tackle this cut at home.

First up, Parlour owner and stylist Jessie Hoffman.

CityBeat: Why do you think so many people are deciding to shave their heads while in quarantine?

Jessie Hoffman: They are stressed and bored. Some have always wanted to try it and they feel now is the best time because they are frustrated with their hair and unable to get it done professionally — radical times, radical measures.

CB: Do we think this is a good trend?

JH: Yes! I'm all about it! It is brave and will allow us as stylists to get creative with shorter styles on individuals who may have been apprehensive to try it earlier! I say go for it!

CB: Do you have any tips for people who are going to tackle this cut at home?

JH: Be aware that you may regret it. Reach out to your stylist or a stylist who’s work you admire and ask their advice. Some may even FaceTime to guide you through it. Others might shut you down.

Next, Bishops store manager Madelaine Wilkerson, who has some practical tips for clipping. 

CityBeat: Do you have any advice for people who are going to tackle this cut at home? Both if they are using clippers (like number setting, how to get the back of your head) and, bless them, if they aren't and are using scissors?

Madelaine Wilkerson: With clipper guards, most short-haired people can tell you they prefer a certain number on the back and sides — typically going from 1 to 4 although they can go all the way up to an 8. Those numbers signify 1/8” increments so if you are wanting to buzz your head and aren’t sure how short you want it, a 4 guard will leave 4/8” or half an inch of hair behind. You can also always keep cutting much easier than gluing (hair) back on, so start longer and work your way down and have a friend or family member help with the back and around the ears if you can.

If you are wanting to buzz your head and you don’t have clippers, you aren’t going to be able to achieve that goal in an aesthetically pleasing way. Scissors cut very differently than those machines do and you are going to have a patchy mess. If you want to try it anyway, go for it! We will be back soon and will gladly help you out with that. We are even offering a free cut to people who show us their quarantine ‘dos. So if you are already in need of that, head over to our Instagram pages to enter our “Let it Grow” contest.

CB: What do you think of trend? 

MW: Ok so first off, be prepared. It is a LONG grow-out process...Hair grows about a half inch per month so we are talking a few years before it gets to your shoulders. If you are still feeling bold, I say go for it. I think this is a great time to experiment — I actually had a colleague do this already and she looks INCREDIBLE. It’s just hair! And wigs and hats are fun to play with as well. And if you need some emergency advice, message our Instagram accounts and I’ll happily get right back to you. @bishops.oakley @bishops.cliftonheights 

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