Sketch Comedy Troupe Future Science Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary at MOTR Pub

The team takes on the theme of "power" the final Sunday in May

May 17, 2018 at 5:05 pm
click to enlarge The original members of Future Science, featuring current members Logan Lautzenheiser (far left) and Karl Spaeth (far right) - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
The original members of Future Science, featuring current members Logan Lautzenheiser (far left) and Karl Spaeth (far right)

Local comedy troupe Future Science — currently Karl Spaeth, Logan Lautzenheiser, Wayne Memmott and “a whole slew of other brilliant and funny local comedians,” Spaeth says — celebrates its fourth anniversary of absurdist and loosely thematic sketch comedy on Sunday, May 27. The show, themed “power,” will be held at MOTR Pub (the same location as Future Science’s monthly final Sunday performances).

We sent some questions to the Future Science “scientists,” who perform as if a fake corporation has paid them to present an informational show, to get their take on whether they — CityBeat’s Best Of Cincinnati third-funniest local improv/sketch comedy group, according to readers — thought they would make it this far, and what audiences can expect from the show.

CityBeat: How would you describe Future Science to a stranger?

Future Science: Technically, it’s safer to not discuss Future Science with strangers at all. But if someone absolutely had to (under coercion by the authorities, for example) then Future Science might accurately be described as a chaotic blend of absurdist sketch comedy, video, illustration, animation, interpretive dance, financial burden, emotional and mental desolation, lost friendships, ruined relationships, an abandoned sense of self, who even am I anymore and most importantly, all of the zany characters you’d expect from a scrapped cartoon show for adults. Also, the occasional fart and/or death jokes, typically at the same time.

CBWhat can people expect at the four-year anniversary show? Is there a theme? Special guests?

FS: It’s difficult for us to tell people what to expect from our shows because typically we aren’t even sure what’s going to happen. Maybe someone ends up naked. Maybe someone spits mayonnaise into someone else’s mouth. Maybe a Pedal Wagon shows up and its occupants have the entire room chant at them because they won’t be quiet. We’re not saying these things will happen, we’re only saying they have happened. This month we’ll be discussing the topic of “power,” so what’s the worst that could happen?

CBDid you guys think you'd make it to four years? What are you most excited about for the future?

FS: Two years in, we were all surprised to still be alive. Four years in, we’re just hoping Death doesn’t double check his books and realize we’re not on them. Really, what’s most surprising about the show is that when we finally step through the curtain into a bar, late at night on a Sunday, there’s always a room full of people ready to join us on whatever wild ride we’ve haphazardly cobbled together. The only reason we’ve made it this far is because of them.

CBWhat role has MOTR played? 

Without MOTR, the show might have never existed at all. They provided us with the location, time, equipment and beer necessary to pull off a show like ours, all while supporting us with their tenacious spirit for free and independent thought with a Rock & Roll edge. They basically handed us the keys and said, “Just don’t burn down the house unless you absolutely need to."

CBUpcoming show dates or tours you'd like to plug?

FS: As for the future, Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete from Pete and Pete, Danny Tamberelli on All That) asked us to go to New York to do a show together so we’d like to take him up on the offer. We’re only name-dropping him because it helps us feel half as relevant as he (hopefully) still is.

Future Science's fourth-anniversary show takes place 10 p.m. May 27 at MOTR Pub (1345 Main St., Over-the-Rhine). Admission is free. More info: