Study: Of the States, Ohio Has the Third Highest Number of Ghost Encounters

With a ton of creepiness lurking throughout Greater Cincinnati, we could see how we, and Ohio at large, could be the perfect place for a haunt.

click to enlarge United American Cemetery - Photo: Michael D. Morgan
Photo: Michael D. Morgan
United American Cemetery

The Ghostbusters and Winchester brothers might need to make a stop in Ohio, as it’s one of the states with the highest number of ghost sightings, according to new research from BetMichigan.

Ohio is really spooky, according to the study, which looked at the likeliness of seeing UFOs or ghosts from state to state. While we only ranked 30th in overall likeliness of seeing something paranormal (only 0.0620% of residents claiming to see something versus Maine in the top spot with 0.1441% of residents seeing something otherworldly), Ohio had one of the highest rates of ghost sightings, with 2,948 reported. Only Texas (7,517) and California (7,184) had more sightings.

And when it comes to extraterrestrial sightings, Ohio ranks eighth out of the states, with 4,371 sightings. California ranked highest with 15,901 reported encounters, followed by Florida with 8,090 and Washington state with 7,076.

As for our Tri-State neighbors, Indiana ranked 19th in overall spookiness, with 0.0714% of the population reporting paranormal sightings (2,666 UFO sightings and 2,178 ghost sightings). Kentucky ranked slightly above Ohio at 27th, with 0.0646% of the population reporting sightings (1,661 UFO sightings and 1,251 ghost sightings).

To collect the data, BetMichigan researchers pulled reports from Ghosts of America. They analyzed the number of UFO and ghost encounters and compared it to population data in each state to determine the odds of a supernatural sighting.

And while you might not believe in ghosts and aliens, there’s no denying the creepiness that lurks in some corners of Ohio, particularly Greater Cincinnati. From cryptid sightings like the Loveland Frogman to creepy tunnels hidden underneath a Price Hill park that were used to quietly transport tuberculosis victims to the incinerator, abandoned potter’s fields, bones in Music Hall and gravestone eyes that follow you through Spring Grove Cemetery, we could see how Cincinnati, and Ohio at large, could be the perfect place for a haunt.

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