Support the Hurricane-Devastated Homeland of Northern Kentucky Honduran Cafe Unataza Coffee

Coffee shop owner Alejandra facilitates group trips to her home country of Honduras to experience the coffee process, and after recent hurricanes have devastated the land and community, the country needs your help.

Nov 17, 2020 at 3:27 pm
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Photo via GoFundMe page

Catastrophic storms have ravaged Central America and surrounding countries over the past several weeks, with Hurricane Eta developing into a Category 4 storm in early November. And as the battered countries have been attempting to recover, the same region is now being devastated with Hurricane Iota, which has passed through Nicaragua and Honduras and is making its way through San Salvador. 

Northern Kentucky-based Honduran cafe Unataza Coffee held a fundraising event last week, offering visitors a "pay what you want" model and donating all proceeds to the relief efforts for Hurricane Eta. The benefit raised a total of $1,654.90, which was donated to Seventh-Day Adventist Church in order to purchase masks, canned goods, water, sanitizing supplies, pet food and female hygiene products.

But after the fundraiser came to an end, it was evident that the Honduran community still needs support — especially looking toward the impending impact of Hurricane Iota. 

Honduran coffee plantation owner Katia Duke, with whom Unataza owner Alejandra Flores coordinates when planning coffee origin trips to the country, has organized a GoFundMe account for relief

"On November 4th, Honduras was declared on a state of emergency due to hurricane ETA. More than 36,000 people have lost everything and approximately 1000 people are still missing. This disaster comes at increasingly difficult times for Honduras and the COVID-19 pandemic adds additional risks and complexities to the ravages caused by the hurricane," the fundraiser reads. 

"We intend to attend to the most immediate needs of the displaced people. We have chosen to make the donations to the Rotary Club in San Pedro Sula who have the infrastructure in place to purchase and distribute the essentials where they are most needed. Your donation will be directly deposited to their accounts in Honduras."

As of Nov. 17, a little over $2,800 has been raised, with a goal of $10,000. If you have the means to do so, donate to support this country in need.