The Best Cake Ever?

Bill Ross' 11-foot-high "Dead Souls Cake" is decorated with stuffed animals, shows excerpts from "Night of the Living Dead," and is fast becoming legendary

Mar 13, 2018 at 12:05 pm
click to enlarge "Dead Souls Cake" on display at Over-the-Rhine's  Felsenhaus242 gallery - PHOTO: Hailey Bollinger
PHOTO: Hailey Bollinger
"Dead Souls Cake" on display at Over-the-Rhine's Felsenhaus242 gallery

Bill Ross, an artist and co-founder of Northside's Thunder-Sky Inc. gallery has made cakes a recurring motif in his work. They have appeared in his paintings for more than 30 years “as symbols of ominous mystery,” he says. But never before had he created an 11-foot-tall pastry out of stuffed animals.

“I’d always wanted to do something big and just really fun and stupid,” he says.

Too tall for Thunder-Sky's current exhibition of cake-related art, Ross’ soft sculpture made its debut at The Art of Food fundraiser last month at The Carnegie in Covington, with a mashup video of scenes from Night of the Living Dead and 1960s birthday parties playing inside it. Called the “Dead Souls Cake,” it just got a second life as part of the collection at the new Felsenhaus242 gallery on West McMicken Avenue. Go see it in addition to You’re Invited — it is the icing on top. Read a full review of You're Invited here and for more information on "Dead Souls Cake," visit