The Best of Bravestarr (BCI)

DVD Review


1987, Unrated

This was the last series ever produced by Filmation Studios (the creators of Star Trek: The Animated Series, The New Adventures of Superman, He-Man and She-Ra), and ran in syndication from 1987-1989. Shot in Filmation's trademark "limited animation" style, the show followed the adventures of Marshall Bravestarr and his colleagues on the planet of New Texas. Like other shows from the venerable cartoon studio, a moral lesson was woven into the storylines. Indeed, by the time Bravestarr debuted, Filmation had mastered not only its unique visual style, but its storytelling technique as well. The adventure, futuristic vision and sense of right and wrong blend smoothly, and hold up well even today. This two-disc set contains a feature film (Bravestarr: The Legend) as well as five episodes selected by fans in an online poll, including "The Price" in which a young man purchases a drug called "spin" and subsequently overdoses. Yikes! Extras include a documentary, audio commentary and a look at the show's animation process. Nice stuff for anime-types. (P.F. Wilson) Grade: A

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