The Film Crew: The Giant Marathon (Shout! Factory)

Video and DVD


2007, Not Rated

This is the final installment of the Film Crew's four-DVD commitment to Shout! Factory. "The Crew" is made up of ex-Mystery Science 3000 cast members Michael J. Nelson (Mike), Bill Corbett (Crow) and Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo), who decided to carry on that program's tradition of making wisecracks over old B movies. A Web poll on the trio's site determined the release order, and The Giant Marathon was voted to bat clean-up. Similar to MST3K, there is wrap-around footage to set-up the movie/commentary. The three then start the film and begin their barrage of punch lines. Unlike MST3K, you don't see their shadows in front of the screen. Other than that, it's exactly the same, and after almost 20 years of this schtick, the whole thing is showing some signs of ware. The footage isn't very funny (it never really was). The commentary still elicits some laughs, but at this point you're so trained in the process, you can start making your own jokes and sometimes come up with better ones than "The Crew." But it's still a worthwhile concept, certainly funnier than a lot of what's out there in the comedic universe. (P.F. Wilson) Grade: B+

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