The Final Destination (Review)

The (supposed) series finale crashes and burns

After escaping from a tragic plane crash, a massive multi-car pileup on the highway and a rickety old roller coaster, this series, which is concerned with the best laid plans of Death and the frail attempts by a random collection of the most vacuous pretty faces to thwart them, scrapes the bottom of the barrel by having death track down a group that survives an accident at a NASCAR race (because apparently NASCAR is all about watching and waiting for the next spectacular car crash to occur, not the sheer exhilaration of speed and performance).

The time, the additional hook is supposed to be the 3-D graphics, but never has the idea of staring death in the face seemed so uninspired. It might actually be more thrilling to put on a pair of glasses, cut your finger with a piece of paper, and watch it bleed. And the reality is each activity (this witless film and the paper cutting) is equally pointless, although I guarantee there will be a sequel, possibly set at a UFC event. Grade: F

Opens Aug. 28. Check out theaters and show times, see the film's trailer and get theater details here.
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